OTOLANE, Ear cleansing solution


Ear cleansing solution

Neutral cleansing base
Softening agents
Preservatives (including chlorhexidine digluconate at 0.2% and acetic acid at 0.5%).

– OTOLANE is a ready-to-use dermatological solution.
– OTOLANE is specially formulated for optimal cleansing of the ear canal and external ear.
– The excellent cleansing ability of OTOLANE means it can be used at widely spaced intervals and ensures optimal tolerance.
– Its pleasant scent is well accepted by the animal.

– Hygiene and cleansing of ears in cats and dogs (use on average once a week).
– Cleansing of the ear canal before a local treatment (applied by the Veterinary surgeon). For subsequent cleansing operations follow the Veterinary surgeon’s recommendations.
– Can be used on rabbits and rodents.

1. Tilt the animal’s head so that the ear to be cleaned is uppermost. Carefully insert the special nozzle into the ear canal.
2. Squeeze the bottle once or twice.
3. Massage the opening of the ear canal for a few seconds and leave for one minute to act with the head kept tilted.
Note: If the ear is very dirty, you may repeat the first 3 steps.
4. Let the animal shake itself (preferably outside). Wipe off excess from the external ear and the opening of the ear canal with a cotton pad.

TVM advice:
Subject to your Veterinary surgeon’s recommendations, do not use cotton buds (you may inadvertently push wax and other debris further into the ear), avoid cleaning with freshwater, soap or alcohol (possible irritation of the ear canal).

Keep at room temperature in its outer package.

Depends on local regulation.
Ear care product for veterinary use.
Do not swallow.

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